Tuesday, August 4, 2009

back at the hospital

i still hate it.
Wendy woke me at 4am on Monday after she couldn't endure more of the migraine she had been fighting since midnight. we had registered at the urgent care by 430 but it was still 6 before we got to see a dr.
unfortunately i have to fight some bitterness over how this dr chose to deal with us. i thought he was a dismissive, little ... so-and-so. Wendy would tell him what had worked in the past and at every turn he'd throw reasons for why that shouldn't work. i wonder if he really believed she was in pain and i suppose if i was more of a jerk and demanded to be seen more often then perhaps he would've believed that she was in the pain that i could see she was in. he gave her a shot and ... discharged her. a couple hrs later he was back with an attitude like, "why are you still here? you're discharged". i just sat there thinking, "cuz she's still in pain moron" but i didn't say that because i didnt want her ignored more if he thinks i'm just some prick.
anyway, it was frustrating.
how long God?

say this prayer along with me, courtesy of Larry Norman.

mercies and angels up above,
heaven please help the one i love.
guide the direction that she goes.
watch every step, each hidden stone.
please let her know she's not alone.
give the strength to trust in everything she knows.


Lisa said...

praying with you and for you.

shallowfrozenwater said...

thank you Lisa. that's very nice of you.