Thursday, August 13, 2009

what's out there?

i'm at home sick today. i've had this tickle in my throat sneaking up on me for a couple days now. i tried burying it in vitamin C but overnight ... it got worse. it doesn't help that we had a massive thunderstorm overnight and we have the scaredest dog in the world (she should be a cat, she's so scared) that required me to sleep in the basement last night. if i don't go to the basement then she tries to sneak into the bedroom and that just doesnt work when sleep can be a trying enough experience for my wife as it is. anywho, i slept in the basement, so i slept fitfully and i'm not really in a space where i can afford to lose sleep. i woke feeling like death warmed over and i've been pounding vitamins and green tea all day so far.
that experience did allow me to surf around a tiny bit for some more blogs that i might want to keep a tab on, and i found a couple.

i've been watching my Live Traffic Feed pretty closely and have been wondering who you folks are that show up. it's pretty easy to figure out when a family member shows up but i know like 2 people in the US and they have limited access to the internet as it is. please, do me a favour and leave a comment or a link or something. i'd LOVE to go see your blog and follow it if you're willing. seriously, i'm following like 40 blogs now so what does it hurt to follow more? i wish that Feedjit would give me a link to your blog if you were to show up on blogger, but they don't.

i just found this linked off a blog that i've already linked to. what if worship were treated like a sporting event? that was fun.

i read this post about women evangelists and you just KNOW that there are going to be detractors as soon as someone starts talking about the place of women in the church. let it go people, 1 Cor 14 wasn't written so that you could keep women in their place. in fact their place is wherever God gifts them to be!

is this community? are you sure? this is common and it gets in the way far too often.

unity in the church gets stepped on as each one of us meanders along in our desire to be right.

homelessness is still a massive problem. check out this video. i'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on this blog because i work pretty closely with the homeless and this has already reminded me about some of the little things that i've neglected. socks, socks are gold for the homeless. if your feet are wet or in some medical trouble then you will be too.

Steve Bell will be touring in the west over the next couple of months. he also intro'd a couple new sites that are well worth checking out. if you've read shallowfrozenwater before you probably know that i love Steve's work.


Dusty Chris said...

Dusty Chris here from from Irving, TX. Stalked you for a while but I am a follower now. Anything else you what to know?

shallowfrozenwater said...

welcome Dusty. i'm following you too now.

Al said...

I'm about ready to write a similar post on my blog--I'd certainly like to hear from the people that do read it. I keep trying to stir the pot a bit so they will comment, but even that doesn't do much. I guess no one cares if we are heretics...