Wednesday, August 5, 2009

spare some change?

i stole this photo from a post on
i was walking to the bank on my coffee break this morning when i came upon a guy that i know from volunteering at a local church ministry. Gary (not his real name) lives on a CPP pension (best i can tell) and he's one of the most personable sorts you'd ever want to meet. Gary's poor. every guy that i "work" with at the ministries is poor it seems and yet nobody's asking me for a handout, we've all been working on relationship while we enjoy supper there together. Gary shows up early and helps to cook the meal, i show up late (after work) and spend my time just trying to connect. i've connected with Gary.
our supper group has taken the summer off but i know that both of us are looking forward to starting this thing up again. i know that because we both mentioned it. it has value to those that are there for it.
the poor you will always have with you but there's friendship and relationship there that goes beyond social status or just how much money either of us has in the bank. the church is to be good news for the poor and today i was able to bless Gary as we conversed and related. he's a good man. i suspect that we both want some change.


Mosaic Street said...

I really like your posts...this one really stuck out at me. Relationships....that is what I keep trying to tell everyone that comes down to the park with's about relationships. I started feeding almost two years ago and only had a handful of guys in the a days we serve up to 200 every Saturday. Why? Because those without homes don't consider us just a feed, they say we are having a family picnic and we are all family. We have formed those relationships with them that there is no us or them, just big family and it is a beautiful thing. Keep pressing in, the food and things are important to, but the one thing they will remember when they lay their head down at night is that you treated them and respected them as a fellow human being. Keep doing what you are doing....lives are touched because you gave of yourself.

shallowfrozenwater said...

when i read your blog Denie you really helped me in this are. i loved this pic on this post from the moment i saw it, by the way, feel free to use it if you like.

Al said...

I'm with both you and Denie on this one. I too am part of a regular street feeding ministry. We go out every Friday evening, bringing a drink, sandwiches, pastries, other snacks, and clothing and blankets. We have a (fairly) consistent route, and reach between 150 and 200 people per week.
I think most of us find that it is the smiles, the love, the conversation, the relationships that really are the foundation and value of what we do. Yes, the food and stuff is valuable, and is TOTALLY worth the effort. But the relationships and affirmation given (and received) are what may be a part of helping someone on the street find what they need to move forward.
Even if we only feed and love people, it is exactly what Jesus would do. If they are able in some way to find hope and healing, that is a bonus.

shallowfrozenwater said...

couldnt agree more Al.