Friday, August 21, 2009

what's out there?

the internet monk is brilliant and sometimes i find it hard to keep up with him. on this point i agreed comepletely and was thinking of writing something on the very point that he posted. now i don't have to.

Re-vis.e Reform is the blog of a UK Anglican ordinand woman that i've just started reading. she regularly discusses issues related to the ordination of women in traditional churches. i'm not a woman but i live under the same roof as one and i see giftedness regularly in her so i know that speaks to me. i think it's foolish to lord power over women in the name of hermeneutics. i'll be reading and i suggest you do too.

another UK blog i've been reading had an indescript little post about a hedgehog in the backyard. i began to think, i don't think i've ever actually seen a hedgehog. it has no huge value except to perhaps Lucy, and now me.

my buddy Joel blogs about history and empires. go check him out simply because he's cool.

and speaking of cool, this guy blew me away. dig deep there's some absolutely mind-blowing stuff if you keep reading.

the holy heteroclite mentions the first Christian song that uses the d-word and the s-word in it. read the lyrics at the very least but the vid is great too.

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