Sunday, August 30, 2009

Public Enemies

i just got back from seeing this flick with my buddy Bob. neither of us really knew what to say when it was done but then Bob adeptly said that it would've made a great drinking game if you take a drink whenever somebody died. he also added that he would've been completely drunk by the end of the movie. very true. it's rated 14A and it's not for the faint of heart if you're at all opposed to violence or the sight of blood. buyer beware, it's definitely not a "youth group" movie.
interesting that Johnny Depp seems to be picking roles that defy authority of late eh? there were moments during the movie where Dillinger was played up with a look that was very Depp and i couldn't help but think that JD was relating very well with JD.
i like Depp a lot onscreen. i remember him from 21 Jumpstreet and even then, he defied authority. he purposefully picks roles that stand out individually or he takes them for pure shock value. the only exception that i can think of was his role in "Benny and Joon" where he emulated Buster Keaton. incidentally, Benny and Joon is a fabulous flick and there are several Buster Keaton type moves that will just blow you away.

what i got thinking after the movie centered around the John Dillinger character. the movie is based on a book and they attempted to colour Dillinger as almost a Robin Hood type who was fiercely loyal to his friends but also very psychotic toward authority. i suppose the differing colours of grey in his life make him seem more like any of the rest of us but at the same time i couldn't get past how his brutality toward authority made him seem a complete psychopath.
honestly though, we're all shades of grey. i've never gone even close to the lengths that Dillinger did but ... sin is sin right? i've never killed a man but i've lied. Dillinger was still nice to his friends and he was played up as fiercely loyal. if i'm less than loyal on occasion am i really any better than a "Public Enemy"?
the world is depraved and ... there but the grace of God go i.

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