Saturday, August 22, 2009

what sort of blog is this?

i've been wondering what sort of blog that i want to write. i'be been reading a LOT of blogs on all sorts of topics, some of them i want to pattern after and others, i really don't want to be like at all. some of the ones i have no intention of being like are wonderful in their own right, i just don't want to be like that. some ... go on for a thousand words on the depth of propitiation or just why expiation is a key component of grace, but i end up nearly asleep by the time i get to the 3rd paragraph.
i just want to be relevant. i want to use my culture and a little theology to have little epiphanies toward how better to follow God. i want to use any analogy around me to draw me closer. if that means that i use Homer Simpson to shine a light on how i could be doing this christian thing better then i'll absolutely do that, and hopefully someone else around me might be able to make the same connection as me as i try to draw the connection in words or some other artform.
i don't want this to be a diary but i'm also not opposed to to pouring out my thoughts and heart as i mourn, grieve or whine through a day, a week or a life.
i'm betting that you like me could make better use of a Star Trek analogy (by the way if you haven't seen the new Trek flick then you've really missed out) than you can make use of a 5 page dissertation on community.

let me flesh that out a bit. Bones gets Kirk onto the Enterprise by injecting him with a virus and then forces some security guy to realize that a doctor has to continue to care for his patient even as they're all being shipped off to war. Kirk gets on the ship even though he's been deactivated and then he goes on to become the captain, start his friendship with Spock and save the day. that's community. doing for others because you can.
wasn't that better than a bunch of big words that you'd have to look up anyway?

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