Monday, August 24, 2009

eat me! ... uh, no thank you

my dearest watches "The Doctors" on tv. i really can't stand the show much but i watch it with her because she puts up with so much of my crap that it really isn't even close to funny. the most recent episode of the show that we watched talked about the sorts of foods and methods that people eat.
they showed this one place called The Heart Attack Grill where waitresses dressed up like nurses (if they were nurses who worked at a strip joint) and they had a guy dressed up like a doctor and they showed these burgers with 4000 calories in them. it was the height of gluttony if you ask me and i very literally thought, "what's going to happen the day that someone actually has a heart attack trying to eat a burger with 4 patties, 8 pieces of cheese, half an onion and bun buttered in pure lard". it'll make you ill, at least.
another segment was of a husband who saved up and served the placenta from his child's birth, cooked it and ate it on camera. i can't believe i sat and watched that entire segment.
the final segment is the one i really want to discuss though. it talked about a new fad in sushi restaurants in LA where the food is served on top of a naked woman. i couldn't believe how psyched the 3 male doctors on the show were to dig in and start to get their sushi from on top of a naked model. the one female doctor immediately began talking about how degrading it is toward women for anyone to get their food from off the body of a woman. they were using a woman as a platter, and i completely agreed. the capital G "Guys" all dug in to get them some and the woman doctor eventually said, well get me a man that i can get some food off of. how hypocritical.
it's degrading to ANYONE to do this, i couldn't care less if it's a man OR a woman. the woman doctor caved and i thought that all semblance of dignity went out the window.
don't get me wrong. i could make this sort of jump if we were talking about cultural matters. i'd even eat whale blubber for communion if i were living in the Arctic and there was no access to bread and wine (but maybe that's off topic).

in a society that already objectifies women as it is, isn't this just another voyeuristic behaviour designed to degrade humanity? these guys were all ready to get their rocks off and they actually used the word aphrodesiac in common conversation. they were trying to justify that any man should be able to go eat food off of his wife's body in the privacy of their own home ... but this was eating food off of some woman's body (who isn't your wife) in the public that is not your own home. isn't our society already gone down this road far enough? women are objectified every day and both children and women are far too involved in what is essentially the sex industry as it is.

yeah, i know we're just talking about eating sushi in a restaurant, but is a woman a platter for serving your food? this looks like a half step away from a strip club to me, and i just don't need that in my head.

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